SoftEther – do not route all traffic over a VPN tunnel for Windows 10, iOS, and Android native clients

.. aka split routing with Softether

Routing all traffic through a VPN connection can slow down internet speed. Many times you want to access remote resources only. Most internet traffic is encrypted anyway.

Here is a tutorial on how to configure SoftEther for split routing.

In this example we have the following configuration:
Remote network:
Router IP address: <- the remote PC is connected via DSL to the internet
Server IP address: <- this is the PC we want access over VPN

1.) Click on Manage virtual hub

2.) Go to the virtual hub settings

3.) Enable SecureNAT and click on SecureNAT configuration

4.) Here is the secure NAT configuration.
Reminder: The remote network we want to access has the ip range: –

The VPN clients are in a neighbour network within the DHCP ip range
The virtual vpn server host listens to connections on :

5.) Set up split tunneling
click on ‘Edit the static routing table to push’

We want to access (the remote server)

So, we tell the VPN clients how they find a route to this address:

Access ip range – over the virtual VPN gateway

The syntax for SoftEhter is:

Click: Enable virtual SecureNAT

Configure Windows 10 clients

Follow the pictures below to untick: Use default gateway on remote network

Configure iOS clients

Configure Android clients

Go to VPN settings on your Android device
Configure forward routing (sometimes you have to enable show advanced options first)

We want to access IP network: –
Forward route for this is:


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