MacOS “wake on LAN” (wol) solution for Ventura by using external Bluetooth


  • Mac OS PC
  • Raspberry PI:
  • Pi Zero W
  • Raspberry PI 3 / 4

Copy the Bluetooth controller’s MAC address to your clipboard. We’ll need this value later.

Switch over to the raspberry pi console

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bluez

sudo bluetoothctl

agent on
power on
pair <bluetooth_controller_mac>
connect <bluetooth_controller_mac>
trust <bluetooth_controller_mac>

Then you can wake up you Mac using:
sudo l2ping -c 5 <bluetooth_controller_mac>

5 thoughts on “MacOS “wake on LAN” (wol) solution for Ventura by using external Bluetooth

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Code not working dude:

    Agent registered
    [CHG] Controller DC:A6:32:51:19:96 Pairable: yes
    [bluetooth]# pair bluetooth_controller_mac
    [bluetooth]# trust bluetooth_controller_mac
    [bluetooth]# connect bluetooth_controller_mac

    Please fix

    • irmo Post authorReply

      You need to enter the Bluetooth address of your Mac. Please refer to the screenshot. For my Mac, it is:

      sudo l2ping -c 25 F4:D4:88:78:CA:4A

      Replace the bluetooth_controller_mac with your address.

  2. qwertz Reply

    Why there’s no web app for the raspberry pi yet? I would love to use one from remote. Thank u for considering this idea, it would be super helpful.

  3. Simon Reply

    I can’t believe it, it’s really sad that this is the only solution. Apple get your shit together! We need normal wake on lan, it’s 2023 already!

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