Inside DJI Go 3.0 – Mavic FAQ

What can u tell about the Mavic Camera?

Sorry there is nothing more to say without having a mavic connected to the app. The App asks the Mavic during startup: ‘what camera do you have?’

At this time the only difference I can see between Mavic and Mavic Pro camera is that the HDR mode is disabled for mavic.

Any hints for an inspire 2?

Perhaps – there is a new orange2 device. Orange is the inspire 1. But this device is only named “DJI Device”

Do you know a good copter forum?

Yes, phantompilots – once I soft bricked my Phantom 3S. I was able to repair it with help of this community. They have a new forum mavicpilots – but I haven’t checked this one out.

Is there a foto of the mavic in the app?

Not in iOS. But you can download the android dji go 3.0 apk and open it with 7zip. Search for kumquatS png.

Spoiler: Developers at dji have a sense of humor.

Is the 32 channelhack the same as for Phantom with LightBridge?


When will they release the mavic?


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