MacOS wake on LAN (wol) solution for Ventura wake on LAN using Bluetooth


  • Mac OS PC
  • Raspberry PI:
  • Pi Zero W
  • Raspberry PI 3 / 4

Copy the Bluetooth controller’s MAC address to your clipboard. We’ll need this value later.

Switch over to the raspberry pi console

This is an optional step / use only when l2ping is not working.
Now, pair the Raspberry Pi (or any other Linux-based system) with the MAC. This step is only required once.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bluez

sudo bluetoothctl

agent on
power on
pair <bluetooth_controller_mac>
connect <bluetooth_controller_mac>
trust <bluetooth_controller_mac>

Then you can wake up you Mac using:
sudo l2ping -c 5 <bluetooth_controller_mac>

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